Beck Law P.C.

Effective, December 31, 2020, Attorney Dan Beck has retired from the practice of law and Beck Law, P.C. is closed. We look forward to this next chapter and encourage you to contact our former attorneys at the following firms:

Contact Information for Daniel B. Beck:

228 Windsor River Road, #236
Windsor, CA 95492
Tel: (707) 576-7175

Contact Information for Jarin Beck & Rachael Mache:
Welty, Weaver & Currie

3554 Round Barn, Suite #300
Santa Rosa, CA 94303
Tel: (707) 433-4842

Contact Information for Janessa McCune:
Terre Family Law

575 West College Avenue, Suite 105
Santa Rosa, CA 95401
Tel: (707) 575-7765

Contact Information for Delia Rojas:
Emerge Law Group

3558 Round Barn Blvd., Suite 200
Santa Rosa, CA 95403
Tel: (707) 203-5350